Team Elite Supports DBNSW

Team Elite Supports DBNSW

Across NSW, Dragon Boaters are returning to the water, albeit under very controlled and COVID safe circumstances!

There is a renewed sense of team spirit and comradery amongst the paddlers as they come together after experiencing some very tough times. One thing is for sure, there's certainly a new found appreciation for the connections and bonds that have formed together over the years.

Returning to a much loved sport is essential for economic and social recovery. More importantly it is an absolute must for mental health and well-being.

Be warned though, coaches and physios around the world are urging athletes to implement a progressive return to their sports to reduce the likelihood of injury after up to 12 weeks away from normal training regime! Please be reminded to take it easy, we want to see you paddling for the long haul!

Team bonding through high fives and huddles may need to change but the beaming smiles on the faces of those returning to paddle are bigger than ever. As sponsors of DBNSW, Team Elite would like to wish our DBNSW paddlers all the very best as they return to the water. ~ Gareth Sykes (Director - Team Elite)

If your team is in need of new uniforms or any other gear, a redesign, a freshen up or new sizes - please don't hesitate to get in touch, we would be happy to help. We are finding the factory lead times are now returning to normal - BIG YAY!!! 

Team Elite are proud to sponsor and support DBNSW and their paddling community. We would like to sincerely thank the community for their patience whilst waiting for the DBNSW Team Uniforms which were delayed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

You should all have or be receiving the team uniforms this week :)

As they say, better late than never! A year to remember that's for sure!

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