Team Elite's Current "State of Play"

Team Elite's Current "State of Play"

Well there have been calmer weeks in Team Elite's eight year trading history - and that is a massive understatement!

2020 had looked to be a promising time of domestic and international growth for Team Elite, with many events, both in Australia and overseas, scheduled from March through to August.

However, as of Friday 13 March, we have had six major events cancel - which will undoubtedly affect us greatly!

“Fortunately, our business model is not solely dependant on events, as many of you are aware, we provide uniforms, goods, merchandise and apparel to various sports clubs and associations, corporate enterprises and other small businesses. Our business model is flexible enough to adapt as required.”

So, what is the impact?


On the Brighter Side

As the situation is fluid and changing by the hour, we will are working closely with our supportive staff to ensure the sustainability of the longevity of our business.


Our team remain accessible and ready to assist you. Our commitment to customer service will remain unchanged.

Our team is supportive and continues to work together to achieve customer satisfaction. We believe this is key to ensuring our business can ride out the chaos.

We have provision to ramp up when the need arises and look forward to providing goods/services to you well beyond the current situation.


We have introduced measures to reduce the risk to our team by encouraging many of them to work remotely where appropriate.

Our team all have the capability and resources to be able to work from home. In fact, this is not new to our staff!

The Aussie battler (AUD) is fluctuating greatly & our prices may need to vary accordingly.

It is unfortunate that at this point in time, we can no longer sustain the losses from the Aussie Dollar and are unable to maintain our current prices.

We will be working closely with our suppliers to ensure we can keep our prices competitive. There may be some changes, but we will aim to minimise this as much as is feasible.

Going forward: Pricing will be revised and be Quote based.

Freight coming into Australia has been affected by the cancellation of flights/services.

Eg. Typically, what may take 3 days has been pushed out to approximately 5-7 days.

To date customers have been pleasantly surprised with how our current supply dates have not been heavily affected comparatively speaking.

Quality remains unaffected.

To date, our provision to supply has not been affected.

Our Chinese suppliers, following the peak of COVID-19 are back to being fully operational.

We have suppliers from various countries around the world (including Australia) so we have plenty of optional suppliers.

We can price for both express shipping or delayed shipping (which will be cheaper but you may need to wait a few weeks longer).


Make no mistake, these are hard times, but we have seen some true Australian spirit recently. Our customers have shown huge support for our small, local business, buying up big on event merchandise online, despite events having been cancelled! The Team Elite family greatly appreciate this support and have shown thanks by absorbing the postage costs!

Our Online Store is selling plenty of gear, it remains open and is trading as usual.

“To all our customers - use this inevitable downtime as an opportunity to get planning for when everything is back to normal - if you need artwork or a quote - let us know!”

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