Upcoming Events…

Hosting an event can be a daunting task but a necessary one to raise funds for community clubs. With new social distancing measures here to stay (at least for the time being), volunteers will have more than enough on their plate when it comes to organising things. So Team Elite are putting it out there, and offering up our Event Merchandise services to help alleviate some burden and offer clubs/associations a chance to make some extra $$ on the side.

“We don’t really know if spectators are going to be allowed at events and if they are….will they be limited? BBQ’s, raffles and sausage sizzles may not be your best form of fundraising…..perhaps a stall with merchandise where the competitors can purchase some gear or clothes would be a better way to raise funds.”

There are plenty of ways that Team Elite can help your club. From a fully hosted stand through to providing gear to sell as a pop-up stand Рbranded or unbranded. We urge you to get in touch to find out more. Anyone who is remotely interested should contact us to see how a Team Elite Merchandise arrangement can work for you. Get in touch to ensure availability for your event.

With Event Calendars being set around the nation, now is the time to book in Team Elite for your Event Merchandise needs.

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