Official Merchandise Supplier For The International Breast Cancer Paddling Commission

Team Elite is the official online merchandise store for the International Breast Cancer Paddler’s Commission!

We are proud to be partnered with the IBDPC and help support their aim to encourage the establishment of breast cancer dragon boat teams within the framework of participation and inclusiveness. We also support their initiative to develop recreational dragon boat paddling as a contribution to a healthy lifestyle for those diagnosed with breast cancer worldwide!!

In 2022, there are 262 IBCPC member teams, across 32 countries and six continents with approximately 10,000 individual paddlers. Australia hosted it’s first international breast cancer festival in 2007, promoting dragon boat paddling for breast cancer survivors throughout the country. Team Elite is proud to continue supplying merchandise and different custom products to both the IBCPC and Dragons Abreast Australia and other clubs under the Dragon Abreast banner.

We believe in this cause and are happy to be involved in any way we can.


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