Team Elite Announces Availability of Electronic Gaming (Poker) Machine Safety Covers

Poker Machine Covers for Gaming Lounges COVID Compliancy

Queensland – 9 June 2020 – Team Elite announced immediate availability of Electronic Gaming (Poker) Machine Safety Covers, enabling owners of various Gaming Lounges to upgrade their facilities to COVID safe environments before their opening dates.

“With social distancing becoming the norm and certainly here to stay, the covers are designed to keep patrons safely distanced from one another so they can relax and enjoy their time at the venue. The discreet covers help reduce cleaning expenses and make it quite clear which machines are available for use,” said Fiona McCarroll, Technical Product Specialist at Team Elite.

Positive Customer Impact

Many customers have already benefited from deploying Electronic Gaming (Poker) Machine Safety Covers. Carina Leagues Club, renowned for its world-class facilities, recently committed to installing Electronic Gaming (Poker) Machine Safety Covers to many of the machines in their venue. Use of the covers will enable Carina Leagues Club to open their venues safely while reducing the chances of transmission of COVID-19 which would otherwise lead to a shut down/deep clean of their facilities, but most importantly will keep their patrons safe.

Team Elite staff have worked closely with industry experts to ensure the design suits the customer’s needs. Production of Electronic Gaming (Poker) Machine Safety Covers™ has been driven primarily by customer needs and feedback. It is part of Team Elite’s commitment to deliver sought after products as needed. They can be customised for each venue or, if time is critical, plain ones are available for immediate purchase at .

Founded in 2012, Team Elite has primarily serviced sporting teams and corporate associations by supplying apparel, however after falling on quiet times with many sports and businesses temporarily shutting down, Team Elite have diversified and developed a product to service the wider community. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed for customer needs.

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