We are Committed to Helping Preserve the Environment and Our Surroundings

Team Elite is a company made up of a mix that includes young graduates, old graduates, current athletes and recently retired athletes, some very long ago retired athletes, swimming, surf, netball, dance, football and rugby mums and dads - and we all care deeply about the environment. Whenever we can make a decision in our day to day operation, that is a choice which will help improve protecting the world we live in, we will do that.

Doing our part.

Charity Partner - Reef Restoration Foundation (RRF)

  • We donate an annual amount to help re-grow the Great Barrier Reef.
  • RRF grow 'coral trees' that are planted on the Great Barrier Reef, see link below reefrestorationfoundation

Things we do.

  • Used Paper Carrier Bags since 1997.
  • Donate all excess clothing and stock from events to charities in Australia and the Pacific Islands for re-cycling.
  • Use biodegradable bags for all products.
  • Use 100% recycled SPF 50 polyester for all sublimated garments (ex. PET bottles).
  • Supply 100% biodegradable Latex Swim Caps.
  • Supply 100% Silicone Swim Caps - Silicon is a derivative of sand. It is not biodegradable but very inert. It should be re-cycled carefully.

Supporters of renewable energy.

We are wholehearted supporters of the implementation of renewable energy and also believe renewable energy is something Australia should not lose out on - having the best environment on the planet from which do so.

Help us to make a difference, and always remember to protect our oceans. Go hug a turtle if you can (don't hurt them!!)