Event Merchandising

We offer a no-risk Official Event Merchandise Service which allows Event Organisers to have a range of Championship Merchandise, at no financial risk with payment of either royalties or a fee for those exclusive rights.


From World to Club/School Championships

  • Extensive experience of events
  • Extremely experienced staff and equipment for events
  • In-house graphics team - we can help with your event logo!
  • Online store for support sales
  • Excellent supply base
  • High quality merchandise
  • Clothing, headwear, bags, towels, key rings, stubbies & more
  • Supply medals, volunteer's gear & support merchandise
  • Operate nationally, internationally & worldwide
  • For smaller events, we also offer our 'pop-up' event service (see below)
  • Payment of royalties or fees for the exclusive rights



Get in touch & discuss


Agree on service & approve designs


We do the work & you host your event


You get paid

Pop-Up Event Service

  • Event Merchandise
  • No Risk
  • Great Range, well designed
  • Online Sales
  • Sales Support
  • Great Earnings

Team Elite has been in the Sport Event Merchandise industry for 30+ years and through that time we have learned a great deal about what does and what doesn't work for Event Merchandise. We specialise in participation events, selling merchandise to the participant, rather than fans or supporters of a sport. We often see events that are too small or remote for us to attend and do our 'normal' event merchandise. For this reason, we have created our own Team Elite 'Pop-Up' Event Merchandise service.

  • Your Event.

    If you have a Championship or any event that you think will attract at least 200/250 competitors - we are in.

  • Number One.

    Contact us to discuss your event. If we proceed, we will take the risk on operating the merchandise.

  • Design.

    Our team of in-house designers will create a range of Merchandise for you (subject to your approval).

  • Next Stage.

    We will upload the merchandise range online through our online store, for customer pre-orders.

  • You.

    Together with your help, publicise the links & the range to all potential competitors/entrants.

  • We.

    Take online orders & close entries after an agreed period of time before the event to allow production.

  • Manufacture.

    We produce merchandise to fulfil all orders & additional amount for sale at the event by you (at our risk).

  • Event Sales.

    We send all the merchandise to you, with carrier/shopping bags for all the orders.

  • Extra Merchandise.

    You sell anything extra. We will supply you with price cards and an EFTPOS machine (cash can also be taken).

  • Reconciliation.

    We add up the online sales & sales at the event. You receive 10% of the gross revenue up to turnover of $2,000 + 20% over & above that. Any excess stock is sent back to us.

  • As a Guide.

    Championships with about 250/300 entrants can generate income up to about $8-10,000 - so you would earn approximately $1,500 - $1,800 for no risk. More entrants - greater return.

  • Outcome.

    Financial Benefit to you with no risk, promotion for the event, we are happy!

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